What's Wrong with the Beetle?

There are 262 complaints over 23 Beetle model years. These can be broken down into 2 generations.

Generation Breakdown

Compare NHTSA
Gen Score Problems Recalls Inv. TSBs
Gen 2 (2012—2017) 4.44 38 15 0 265
Gen 1 (1998—2011) 7.02 224 76 36 606

Recent Beetle News

Fix for 2015 2-Liter Diesels Approved

There’s been a lot of talk about diesel buyouts and fixes lately. But one group that’s been left out was what VW calls “Generation 3” diesel vehicles from the 2015 model year. But after 16 months of waiting, that’s about to change:

Volkswagen finally received approval to fix certain 2-liter diesel vehicles to make their emissions systems legal, at least for about 67,000 of the 475,000 illegal 2-liter “clean diesel” vehicles.

VW will remove the “defeat device” software and replace it with something a lot less cheat-y. Then sometime next year, VW will install new software in addition to a diesel particulate filter, diesel oxidation catalyst and a nitrogen oxide catalyst.

Oh, Canada! A VW Diesel Settlement Update

Our neighbors to the north tend to be a patient bunch, but you have to imagine Canadian VW diesel owners were starting to wonder when their settlement offer would come. Well, good news.

Canadian owners will receive between $5,100 and $8,000 in compensation along with a few options. Any eligible owner can choose to trade their vehicle and apply its fair market value at that time towards the purchase of a new or used Volkswagen or Audi vehicle.

Spread out over 105,000 vehicles, that equals about $2.1 billion CAD (Canadian dollars). The settlement needs to be approved and finalized by two courts.

What is Going on with the VW Diesel Settlement?

It’s been well over a month since Volkswagen’s historic $14.7 billon dollar diesel settlement which includes the option for owners to sell their cheatin’ cars back to VW. So how are things going? Meh, according to a firm appointed by the court to monitor the settlement’s progress.

Many owners have complained about long telephone hold times and missed deadlines. Some, in snowier climates, are ticked off they had to pay to put on snow tires while waiting for VW to get its act together.

Yes, this is an unprecedented deal. And sure, there’s a lot of moving parts. But as Jalopnik.com points out, it’s not like VW couldn’t see this coming.

You can review the settlement details on our site.

And if you haven’t yet, I’d also encourage you to visit VWcourtsettlement.com or call 1-844-98-CLAIM to schedule appointments with claim specialists.