Volkswagen CC Problems

Consider These

PainRank (?) Year Model Watch For
1.02 2015 CC brakes
4.44 2013 CC engine
6.74 2012 CC engine

Avoid These

PainRank (?) Year Model Beware Of
21.83 2010 CC engine
8.11 2011 CC engine
7.65 2009 CC engine

Generation 1

Gen Score

12.6 PainRank™

Watch Out For These Problems

  1. check engine light on in the 2010 at 63025 miles
  2. stalls while driving in the 2011 at 54646 miles
  3. transmission failure in the 2010 at 81520 miles

Areas the Breakdown

NHTSA Information

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is a government agency designed to "keep people safe on the roadways." Here's a look at the number of times NHTSA has recalled and investigated the CC.

Recent CC News

Vibrations Opening Child Door Locks in 2016 Volkswagens

Volkswagen just can’t seem to catch a break. Well, unless you count their child door locks. Those are breaking all over the place.

Simple vibrations are disengaging the rear door child locks in many 2016 VWs, prompting a recall.

A molding problem caused the locking mechanism to be improperly manufactured causing the position retaining mechanism inside the door lock to break

That’s a problem, especially for my toddler where her seat-kicking-snack-throwing-booster-seat-bouncing routine creates much more than a simple vibration.

The 2016 CC, Golf R, Tiguan, and eGolf are all involved. For specific build dates, visit

More Takata Inflators Recalled

Your vehicle might be involved in one of the largest and most dangerous recalls in automotive history.

Volkswagen is recalling 850,000 VW and Audi vehicles with Takata inflators.

You’ve probably heard about Takata by now. They’re the ones that made airbag inflators which sometimes explode with too much force and send metal shrapnel flying throughout the cabin. They’re also the ones that have been linked to a number of deaths and injuries. Needless to say, there aren’t a lot of Takata fans out there.

But wait, there’s more … replacement parts aren’t expected to be available until later this year.

Potential Airbag Failure Under Investigation

Federal investigators are wondering if an issue in the steering column could stop the driver’s side airbag from deploying in an accident for 30,000 VWs. That type of problem turns das aüto into a dangerwägon very quickly.

At the heart of the investigation is the steering column control module which is connected to all the electronics in your steering wheel – airbags, radio controls and horn. There’s really no way for you to test your airbag short of running into a cement pole (which I very strongly recommend against). However, if you’ve noticed problems changing stations from your steering wheel or your horn sounds more and more like a sick duck, it could be a sign of a bigger problem.

The investigation is focusing on 30,000 of the 2012 VW Passat and 2012 VW CC cars.