What's Wrong with the Volkswagen e-Golf?

e-Golf owners have made 1 complaints to CarComplaints.com. We've listed the three most active below. Most are about the electrical (100%), followed by the .

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Comparing e-Golf Generations

The e-Golf only has one generation which runs from 2015 to 2017. To date, it's earned a PainRank™ of 0.35 which ranks 9th. Looking for a year-to-year comparison? We've got that too.

Generation Model Years Reliability Complaints PainRank (?)
1st Gen e-Golf 2015–2017
1 0.35

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    The Worst e-Golf Years

    This bar chart shows the seven years with the highest complaint volume. Clicking on the year will take you to their problem pages on CarComplaints.com.