Volkswagen Golf Problems

Consider These

PainRank (?) Year Model Watch For
0.79 2004 Golf exhaust system
1.06 2006 Golf transmission
1.42 2008 Golf electrical

Avoid These

PainRank (?) Year Model Beware Of
11.7 2010 Golf engine
8.19 2015 Golf interior accessories
5.88 2013 Golf AC / heater

Generation 7

Gen Score

6.45 PainRank™

Watch Out For These Problems

  1. engine misfire in the 2016 at 1848 miles
  2. transmission failure in the 2017 at 1000 miles
  3. erratic dash lights in the 2015 at 11185 miles

Areas the Breakdown

Generation 6

Gen Score

4.28 PainRank™

Good Luck Avoiding

  1. catalytic converter bad in the 2011 at 17398 miles
  2. overheated less than 2 wks of owning my new car in the 2014 at 249 miles
  3. fan stopped working in the 2013 at 527 miles

Areas the Breakdown

Generation 5

Gen Score

7.65 PainRank™

Beware Of These Common Issues

  1. shifting problems in the 2010 at 37709 miles
  2. high pressure fuel pump failure in the 2010 at 58409 miles
  3. ABS warning light on in the 2008 at 66825 miles

Areas the Breakdown

Generation 4

Gen Score

4.11 PainRank™

Watch Out For These Problems

  1. transmission failure in the 2002 at 77591 miles
  2. engine failure in the 2003 at 46603 miles
  3. clutch slipping in the 2005 at 50000 miles

Areas the Breakdown

Generation 3

Gen Score

0.7 PainRank™

Good Luck Avoiding

  1. timing belt went out in the 1994 at 220587 miles
  2. reverse gear damage in the 1998 at 100000 miles
  3. crap design in the 1996 at 60000 miles

Areas the Breakdown

NHTSA Information

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is a government agency designed to "keep people safe on the roadways." Here's a look at the number of times NHTSA has recalled and investigated the Golf.

Recent Golf News

First Takata, Now Autoliv. More Airbag Recalls for VW.

For the love of everything, is there an airbag out there that’s not trying to kill us these days?

We all know about Takata – the airbag supplier which made moisture-sensitive, death traps that are responsible for worldwide panic. Well, not to be outdone we’re now looking at more airbag recalls but this time from a supplier named Autoliv. From

About 5,900 vehicles are affected by front passenger and side head airbags that may not deploy during a crash. In addition, the seat belt pre-tensioners may not activate during a crash if you’re driving a 2017 Audi Q7, A4, A4 allroad or 2018 Audi Q5.

The saddest part? Airbags that don’t deploy may actually be safer than those that do deploy these days.

Fix for 2015 2-Liter Diesels Approved

There’s been a lot of talk about diesel buyouts and fixes lately. But one group that’s been left out was what VW calls “Generation 3” diesel vehicles from the 2015 model year. But after 16 months of waiting, that’s about to change:

Volkswagen finally received approval to fix certain 2-liter diesel vehicles to make their emissions systems legal, at least for about 67,000 of the 475,000 illegal 2-liter “clean diesel” vehicles.

VW will remove the “defeat device” software and replace it with something a lot less cheat-y. Then sometime next year, VW will install new software in addition to a diesel particulate filter, diesel oxidation catalyst and a nitrogen oxide catalyst.

Volkswagen Recalls Cars that can Lose Control

Volkswagen has a BS problem. Wait … I mean an ABS problem.

Volkswagen engineers found a fault inside the anti-lock brake system control module that can cause the module to fail whenever the electronic stability control or ABS system activates. A driver will notice warning lights for the brakes, the anti-lock braking system and the electronic stability control system.

The issue can lead to a sudden loss of control in the 2009-2010 Jetta, 2009 Jetta SportWagens, Eos, GTI, Rabbit, and the 2010 Volkswagen Golf A6.