VW Polo As Safe As Salesman Claim?

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Scott McCracken
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Car sales reps --- can't trust 'em, cant load them into a rocket and fire it towards the sun. Listen, everyone knows to be skeptical of anything a sales rep tells you, whether they're pitching cars or on a 3AM commercial selling a revolutionary toaster. But an undercover investigation by a British TV show reveals that VW dealerships are stretching the truth too far.

"Channel 4 TV sent undercover personnel posing as potential buyers into eight Volkswagen dealerships and six of those dealerships provided false safety ratings information."

Some VW sales reps are saying the Polo has a 5-star safety rating. Only problem is, the last time the European New Car Assessment Programme awarded 5-stars for that car was in 2009.

To be fair, VW says this is a problem with only a "small number of dealer staff." Just keep that grain of salt handy next time you talk to them.

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