VW Says New Lawsuit Represents Group Unaffected by the “Clean Diesel” Scandal

A new group of diesel owners are seeking “clean diesel” compensation from Volkswagen. The owners had not been covered by previous diesel settlements because they had sold or traded in the cars before dieselgate became public knowledge. From CarComplaints.com:

Volkswagen told the judge those former owners and lessees are attempting to pry money out of the automaker’s pockets even though the former owners didn’t lose anything. When they sold or traded their diesel vehicles, or ended the lease agreements, the transactions occurred before the emissions scandal was known.

The lawsuit boils down to economic harm. VW says the cars were sold at a value determined before anyone knew they spewed 40x the legal limit of NOx emissions, so dieselgate had no affect. The owners say they paid a premium for an eco-friendly car and should be compensated accordingly.

Now a judge will decide if this case is a money grab.