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  1. Volkswagen is recalling 56,000 vehicles with rear coil springs that can snap, crackle, and pop the tires.

    This appears to be an expansion of a smaller recall for the exact same problem last month. It wasn’t until the cars were shipped and sold that VW’s supplier admitted the coil springs weren’t ready for production. Yikes. Owners of the 2015-2019 Golf, 2017-2017 Golf Sportwagen, 2019 Jetta, and 2018-2019 Tiguan should watch for a recall notice next month.

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  2. For the love of everything, is there an airbag out there that's not trying to kill us these days?

    We all know about Takata, the airbag supplier which made moisture-sensitive, death traps that are responsible for worldwide panic. Well, not to be outdone we're now looking at more airbag recalls but this time from a supplier named Autoliv. From

    "About 5,900 vehicles are affected by front passenger and side head airbags that may not deploy during a crash. In addition, the seat belt pre-tensioners may not activate during a crash if you're driving a 2017 Audi Q7, A4, A4 allroad or 2018 Audi Q5."

    The saddest part? Airbags that don't deploy may actually be safer than those that do deploy these days.

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  3. Volkswagen just can't seem to catch a break. Well, unless you count their child door locks. Those are breaking all over the place.

    Simple vibrations are disengaging the rear door child locks in many 2016 VWs, prompting a recall.

    "A molding problem caused the locking mechanism to be improperly manufactured causing the position retaining mechanism inside the door lock to break"

    That's a problem, especially for my toddler where her seat-kicking-snack-throwing-booster-seat-bouncing routine creates much more than a simple vibration.

    The 2016 CC, Golf R, Tiguan, and eGolf are all involved. For specific build dates, visit

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  4. Your vehicle might be involved in one of the largest and most dangerous recalls in automotive history.

    Volkswagen is recalling 734 VW Tiguans and Audi Q5s with Takata airbag inflators.

    You've probably heard about Takata's defective inflators by now. They're the ones that explode with too much force and sometimes send metal shrapnel flying throughout the cabin. Yeah, those. They've also been linked to a number of deaths and injuries.

    While the majority of Takata airbag recalls have been for frontal airbags, this recall is for airbags mounted on the seats which deploy from the side.

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  5. The 2015 Tiguan could have been recalled for a curved door frame that's been known to cut open the driver's leg when they exit the vehicle, but instead VW is recalling the SUV for some stickers.

    VW says a new computerized system put the wrong tire pressure and weight limits on some certification labels. That's a federal safety standards no-no.

    The recall will begin sometimes in June. Owners with questions can contact VW at 800-893-5298 and use the recall number 01A5.

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  6. **VW

    is pulling back 151,000 Tiguans for gas bubble problems. My wife is wondering if they can include me in the recall as well. VW says it's possible for gas bubbles to form in the fuel system when winterized fuel with high vapor pressures is used in warmer temperatures. The bubbles can also occur if the Tiguan is restarted soon after being shut off with a hot engine. Bubbles in your car's gas is worse than bubbles out your own ... nevermind ... just know that you want to get rid of them to avoid things like an engine misfire.

    Additionally, the fuel pump can experience pressure problems because of a degraded electrical current which can lead to the engine stalling.

    151,000 model year 2009-2014 Volkswagen Tiguan SUVs.

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