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  1. 2019

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      • There’s an important deadline coming up for VW owners who previously paid for repairs to their timing chain system or damage to their engine from a timing chain failure, and want the automaker t...

  2. 2018

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  4. 2016

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    4. February

      • Your vehicle might be involved in one of the largest and most dangerous recalls in automotive history.

        Volkswagen is recalling 734 VW Tiguans and Audi Q5s with Takata airbag inflators.

  5. 2015

    1. August

    2. June

      • The 2015 Tiguan could have been recalled for a curved door frame that’s been known to cut open the driver’s leg when they exit the vehicle, but instead VW is recalling the SUV for some stickers....

  6. 2014

    1. August

      • VW is pulling back 151,000 Tiguans for gas bubble problems. My wife is wondering if they can include me in the recall as well.

        VW says it’s possible for gas bubbles to form in the fuel s...