The Feds Have Questions About Takata Airbags in VW Tiguan

There are 11 automakers that have recalled millions of cars with Takata inflators. So far, VW isn’t one of them. However, that might change soon according to

NHTSA documents say investigators want to know if an exploding side airbag in the [2015] Tiguan is related to previous Takata recalls. The vehicle in question experienced a ruptured side airbag in a June crash when the driver struck a deer. Unlike Takata airbags that have killed and injured vehicle occupants, the Missouri driver wasn’t injured and it’s possible this airbag explosion is different than previous Takata airbag ruptures.

In addition to the 2015 Tiguan, NHTSA will be determining which VW vehicles have airbags that contain ammonium nitrate.