Volkswagen settlement Problems

  1. Oil Sludge in the 1.8L Turbo Engine

    From 1997-2005, VW manufactured a 1.8-liter turbocharged engine with a tiny 3.7 quart oil capacity. That’s simply not a lot of oil to compensate for the amount of heat this engine generates. Complaints sparked a class-action lawsuit with an…

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  2. Defective Timing Chain

    Volkswagen’s EA888 2.0-liter engine has a history of tensioner problems that can lead to a loose timing chain and catastrophic engine failure. A series of lawsuits eventually led to a settlement that offers an extended warranty and potentia…

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  3. Diesel Emissions Scandal

    Volkswagen has admitted to using a defeat device on its supposedly 'clean diesel' vehicles. The reason? To skirt around US emissions standards. This doesn't sit well with ... well, just about anybody. In fact, the only group who seems reall…

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  1. There’s an important deadline coming up for VW owners who previously paid for repairs to their timing chain system or damage to their engine from a timing chain failure, and want the automaker to pick up the tab.

    A recently approved timing chain settlement benefits thousands of owners by providing them with an extended “new vehicle limited warranty” for any future repairs, plus conditional reimbursements for any previous repairs.

    The extended warranty is applied automatically if you own or lease one of the affected vehicles and didn’t opt out of the class-action.

    Owners who want to be eligible for reimbursements must file a claim by January 25th, 2019. More information is available at

    How to Submit a Claim

    1. Use the VIN lookup tool to check your eligibility
    2. Gather the documents requested by the Claim Administrator
    3. Submit your claim before 11:59 PST on January 25th, 2019
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  2. It appears Volkswagen is close to settling 7 lawsuits regarding defective timing chains and the threat of engine damage.

    The proposed settlement includes all consumers who purchased or leased certain 2008-2014 Audi and Volkswagen vehicles that will be determined by the vehicle identification numbers (VINs).

    According to the terms, reimbursement amounts will be determined based on the age of the vehicle, how many miles are on the odometer and if the timing chain tensioner, timing chain or engine was replaced."

    Reimbursement amounts are highly favoriable to owners who get work done at an authorized VW dealership. Our advice – if something goes wrong with your timing chain or tensioner and you're covered under this settlement, skip your local mechanic and go to an authorized dealer.

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  3. Last week a federal judge granted final approval on a $1.22 billion settlement to fix or buy back 80,000 3.0-liter diesel vehicles in the US.

    Poor Volkswagen. Oh, don't get me wrong – I don't feel bad for them. I just mean they must be poor by now with all these settlements.

    The settlement was announced back in December 2016]. Owners who opt to get their engines fixed can expect compensation between $7,000 and $16,000.

    A Bosch Settlement Too

    In addition, the judge approved a $327.5 million settlement for Bosch for its role in developing the engines.

    Bosch has denied any wrong-doing, but the company undeniably supplied VW with the defeat device software which was then used to cheat emissions on millions of 2-liter "clean diesel" engines.

    Prosecutors have previously tried to determine if Bosch intentionally conspired with VW, which is a claim Bosch says is "wild and unfounded."

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  4. Volkswagen has released a settlement update for 83,000 Audi, Porsche, and VW vehicles with TDI engines.

    And methinks most owners are going to be Scrooge McDuck levels of happy. Owners of the 2009-2012 VW Touareg 3.0L diesel have a decision to make.

    They can accept a buyback offer between $26,000 to $58,000 (depending on model year and mileage) or owners can keep their SUV, wait for VW's fix, and receive up to $15,380 as compensation for their troubles.

    Even previous owners will be eligible for payments ranging from $4,627 to $7,747.

    For owners of certain 2013-2016 Touareg TDIs, once VW gets the go-ahead from environmental regulators, they will fix the vehicles without offering any buybacks. However, once repaired, owners and lessees will get compensation ranging from $8,539 to $17,614.

    Current lessees will also be given the option to terminate their lease without any penalty.

    All this is to say that VW is paying through the nose for cheating on their diesel emissions. In total, more than $1 billion will be going back to consumers. And that number could grow significantly if they can't come up with an adequate fix.

    There's a breakdown of the details on

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  5. There's been a lot of talk about diesel buyouts and fixes lately.

    But one group that's been left out was what VW calls "Generation 3" diesel vehicles from the 2015 model year. But after 16 months of waiting, that's about to change:

    "Volkswagen finally received approval to fix certain 2-liter diesel vehicles to make their emissions systems legal, at least for about 67,000 of the 475,000 illegal 2-liter "clean diesel" vehicles."

    VW will remove the "defeat device" software and replace it with something a lot less cheat-y. Then sometime next year, VW will install new software in addition to a diesel particulate filter, diesel oxidation catalyst and a nitrogen oxide catalyst.

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  6. Volkswagen has agreed on a settlement for about 83,000 3-liter, V6 TDI owners in the United States.

    Under the proposed 3-liter diesel agreement, Volkswagen will be allowed to recall more than 75 percent of the illegal vehicles to fix them and bring them into compliance with emissions laws. The settlement agreement could mean another $1 billion loss for VW, adding to the $15 billion to be paid for illegal 2-liter vehicles.

    That means about 63,000 vehicles will be repaired and 20,000 will be bought back. As for what that fix will be? VW says ¯\–(ツ)_/¯

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  7. Our neighbors to the north tend to be a patient bunch, but you have to imagine Canadian VW diesel owners were starting to wonder when their settlement offer would come.

    Well, good news. Canadian owners will receive between $5,100 and $8,000 in compensation along with a few options. Any eligible owner can choose to trade their vehicle and apply its fair market value at that time towards the purchase of a new or used Volkswagen or Audi vehicle.

    Spread out over 105,000 vehicles, that equals about $2.1 billion CAD (Canadian dollars). The settlement needs to be approved and finalized by two courts.

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  8. It's been well over a month since Volkswagen's historic $14.7 billon dollar diesel settlement which includes the option for owners to sell their cheatin' cars back to VW.

    So how are things going? Meh, according to a firm appointed by the court to monitor the settlement's progress.

    Many owners have complained about long telephone hold times and missed deadlines. Some, in snowier climates, are ticked off they had to pay to put on snow tires while waiting for VW to get its act together.

    Yes, this is an unprecedented deal. And sure, there's a lot of moving parts. But as points out, it's not like VW couldn't see this coming.

    You can review the settlement details on our site.

    And if you haven't yet, I'd also encourage you to visit or call 1-844-98-CLAIM to schedule appointments with claim specialists.

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  9. Hey emission-wagön owners, VW has setup a special website just for you.

    Volkswagen says owners will eventually be able to learn more about the settlement terms and determine how much compensation is available by visiting

    "Owners can always opt out of the settlement if they want to hire an attorney and tackle Volkswagen in court. As part of the preliminary settlement, owners will receive official notifications concerning their rights and available options, but the final settlement approval won't occur until October 18, 2016."

    The whole thing is rather complex. There are a good amount of details available now, but those could change up until the final settlement. VW promised to have the final calculations automated on by the end of the month.

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  10. The settlement details for VW diesel customers in the USA is here and you know what? It actually looks pretty good.

    The agreement involves 500,000 2-liter engines that VW called "clean diesels" but turned out to be NOx spewing polluters. The full details are available here, but here's some cliff notes:

    1. Volkswagen will offer to buy back the affected diesels using their pre-scandal NADA book value (September 2015)
    2. Owners can sell their cars back or keep them and wait for an EPA approved fix
    3. Whether you sell it or keep it, VW will compensate owners somewhere between $5000-$10000 for their trouble
    4. Lessees will have the option of terminating their lease without penalty

    So far there is no word on what the fix will be for these vehicles or how that'll affect MPG or performance. Owners of the following are eligible for compensation:

    475,000 2.0-liter diesel cars including the 2013-2015 Beetle, 2010-2015 Golf, 2009-2015 Jetta, and 2012-2015 Passat, along with the Audi A3 between 2010-2013 and 2015. All in the USA.

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