Mass Airflow Sensor Failure

A Common Cause for the “Check Engine Light”

If you own a Jetta or Golf, you've most likely had your check engine light come on due to a faulty Mass Airflow Sensor. Read on to find out what that means.

What is a Mass Airflow Sensor (MAF)?

A mass air flow sensor, or MAF, is a tool found in modern engines used to monitor the incoming air. This information is essential for the engine control unit (ECU) to deliver a balanced amount of fuel mass to the engine. It is usually installed inside the intake air duct between the air filter and the engine.

Typically a MAF is used in conjunction with an oxygen sensor to control the engine's air-to-fuel ration very accurately. The MAF will provide the “open-loop” predicted air flow information to the ECU, while the oxygen sensor provides the “closed-loop” feedback in order to make minor corrections to the predicted air mass.

What Happens When the MAF isn't Functioning

Problems with Mass Air Flow Sensors are common. They are mechanical in nature and are therefore prone to failure. Their measuring elements tend to get worn overtime – or if you drive a VW, seemingly in a matter on weeks.

A bad or contaminated MAF is not to be taken lightly. A malfunctioning one can possibly cause a wide range of vehicle problems such as stalling, misfiring, poor fuel economy or bad acceleration.

Actions You Can Take

A MAF at a dealership can cost anywhere between $75—$150 dollars, with labor costs adding another $150 to that total. You can try and clean the mass air flow sensor yourself by following the instructions in this article: How To Clean or Replace a MAF Sensor for VW or Audi DIY.

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