Atlas and Atlas Cross Sport Owners Get a 2-for-1 Series of Recalls to Prevent a Sudden Loss of Control

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A red Atlas SUV with mountains in the background

Volkswagen recently issued a 2-for-1 series of recalls for owners of the 2020-2021 Atlas Cross Sport and 2021 Atlas. Both campaigns are to fix issues that can cause a sudden and dangerous loss of control.

About the Recalls

  • Roughly 770 of SUVs have stock tires that were overcured and are at high risk of blowing out. The recalled tires are the Contintental Cross Contact LX Sport Tires (225/50 R20 105T). The replacement campaign won't begin until January 12th, 2021 though, so be thankful if you already splurged and bought some winter tires.
  • Roughly 850 of the SUVs have steering knuckles that look like they've been in a fight. The knuckles can fracture and cause a sudden loss of steering control which I personally find very important. Looks like VW agrees because they're not waiting around on this recall as it already began on November 19th, 2020.
  • 1,536 of the recalled vehicles are in the USA, and 93 in Canada.

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